Thursday, September 22, 2005


Some conclusions on this week’s Conference, Blackpool and Blogging.

This has been a mixed Conference, delegates have asserted their right to tell the leadership what they think which will help the Party set its course for the next four years. Charles Kennedy has confirmed his style of collegiate leadership that marks a clear contrast with Blair and all of the Tory contenders for the poisoned chalice that is Leader of the Conservative Party. The conference failed to ignite the interest of the media while the mood among delegates is one of satisfaction, that the purposes of a Lib Dem conference were met, and that we are clearer about where we are heading. It’s not so much onwards and upwards, although that may be the outcome, as a steely determination to build on our General Election success and broaden our public appeal and electoral support.

Blackpool is a sorry shell of a once great seaside resort that was Britain’s premier holiday destination until someone married the jet engine to the package holiday. The development of low cost airlines has seen it spiral further down market. Other resorts have fared better but behind their parks and gardens and seafront illuminations can be found similar deprivation and social need. Like most end of the line towns Blackpool needs a massive hand up but Governments, despite meeting here regularly and witnessing the decline, have done little or nothing to assist the struggling seaside tourist industry.

Blogging is fun but time consuming. Unless it is done daily it flatters to deceive. For it to work you have to state what you see and reveal how you feel. Those who claim to be bloggers but only post their views occasionally reveal more about themselves than they might imagine. As for this temporary blogger, blogging is like conference, fun for a week but thank goodness it’s only once a year.

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