Monday, September 19, 2005


Shameless Book Plug

It’s a bright and sunny day in Blackpool – climate change sceptics look worried. Surfs up with a light westerly wind and the beach actually looks inviting.

In the Winter Gardens we are debating a motion on the future of the EU – something the other parties avoid due to the deep divisions within their ranks. In the bars and on the fringe the talk is of campaigns won and victories to come. It’s as upbeat a conference as I have ever attended – it’s my 20th.

I spoke at a fringe meeting yesterday to launch the publication of ‘A Different Country Now’, a short pamphlet containing two essays. As the author of the first I agreed to turn up and answer questions. Unfortunately the pamphlet does not turn up from the printers until tomorrow, instead of a Q & A session I had to give a summary of what’s in the essay. It’s called Spin and the basic premise is that politicians are afraid of telling the truth because they cannot trust the newspapers to put the public interest before commercial and political interests. Both are correspondingly caught in a conspiracy of spin. Copies will be on sale from the Liberator Stall in the exhibition area at conference or from Kiron Reid, 48 Abbeygate Apartments, Wavertree Gardens, High Street, Liverpool L15 8HB (price £3.50 including postage).

Decided to use the famous Blackpool tram to travel up the prom to a lunchtime fringe meeting and joined a long queue of locals and someone said hello Adrian. I sort of recognised them and acknowledged their friendly greeting and then we got chatting. They were a couple from Brixham in the north on business, not conference delegates as I supposed. Before I reached the end of the queue a lady turned to me and said you used to be my MP. She’s a Blackpool resident who used to live in Torquay. One’s a coincidence, two in one tram queue gets a bit spooky.

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