Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Now I Remember Why We Do It!

Just returned from the Conference Hall and heard some excellent speeches – I was particularly encouraged by our consultation session called Meeting the Challenge. It’s good to know that we listen to our members and we can all play a role in shaping our future policy and direction.

That’s the difference I think between our conference and the others. Our key spokespeople are accessible, happy to engage in debate with ordinary party members and walk around the conference without a large entourage.

When it’s pelting with rain and you have a heavy bag of leaflets, negotiating dangerous dogs and gates and you’ve been out leafleting without any food for the last six hours – it’s good to remember why it’s all worth it.

Later on it’s catching up with some colleagues in the region for a bit to eat, popping into the Scotch Whiskey reception and meeting up with friends.

Off to the Imperial, the main conference hotel now, catch up with you tomorrow.

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