Thursday, September 22, 2005


Last Orders...

Literally just come out of the Conference Hall after Charles’s speech. Walking down to log on to the lap top, looking at smiling, purposeful faces. It was a not just a good speech, setting the tone for what we need to do next, it was a great speech, laying out a Liberal Democrat vision for Britain.

The first conference after a General Election is always a tricky one, people feel tired and need to renew their focus and we need to have a discussion and proper review about future policy and direction. Since the General Election I was able to do my own thinking about why I am a Liberal Democrat. I am in a party that seeks to deliver a better way of life for ordinary people. I am proud of my party and I am proud of my leader.

There has been a low level media rumbling at this conference about Charles’s style, many vox pops needling delegates about their thoughts – do we think Charles is more of a Chairman- etc etc. Charles has just perfectly described what it means to be a Liberal Democrat, he listens to the views of the members and unlike Blair – he leads in a direction that is true to our values – not away from them.

We are leaving conference on a high, in happy confident mood, and Charles will take us forward so we can rise to the challenges ahead of us.

I know what I need to do – and I am motivated to go out and do it. I must go now and say my fond farewells to people, I’ve enjoyed Conference, but it’s time to get down to business and make the vision a reality.

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