Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Dancing to the Beat

Post election conferences are always more downbeat than those in the run up to an election. Before a General Election all parties have a much greater sense of purpose and direction as they put the final touches to their manifestos. After an election the parties relax a little and reflect more on where they stand and where they wish to go.

The mood here is actually quite upbeat, but the direction of the party has been less clear and that has been reflected in the media. The Labour and Conservative conferences to come will suffer the same fate, particularly the Tories. No party can decide it's strategy and direction with a vacuum at the top and the Conservative Party, more than most, takes its lead from the person it elects to lead it.

The Conservatives meet here in a couple of weeks time while Labour gather in Brighton next week, yet Blair is in Blackpool. Lionel Blair is comparing Absolutely Come Dancing at the Tower.

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